Centennial bonfires to symbolise the Baltic unity


2018 08 08


The organisers of the international initiative ‘Ancient lights’ invite us all to pay tribute to the centennial heroes that laid the foundations for and defended the centuries-old Lithuanian statehood. The initiative is about making symbolic fires at the Baltic Sea coast on 25 August, at 8.30 p. m. as a token of Baltic unity and friendship.

The 20 fires will also speak of the significance of the Baltic Sea and the need of preserving it as pristine as possible for future generations.

The Ancient Lights celebration has evolved over the years and has turned into a tradition, also for other coastal countries of the Baltic Sea, like: Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, and Poland. It happens also that some countries that are not on the Baltic Sea still choose to participate in this event. No wonder, as this is real feast for one’s heart and mind, considering a vast array of cultural events, poetic readings, folk dancing, and many improvisations from local communities.

The organisers and partners of the initiative are the Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, the Directorate of the Seaside Regional Park, the local community of Klaipėda and Klaipėda district, the municipalities of Palanga, Neringa, Šilutė, Rusnė and Kintai, also the Culture Centre named after Ludvikas Rėza in Juodkrantė, Culture and Information Centre Agila in Nida.

The centennial fires in Lithuania: on the dune at the port of Šventoji, in Monciškės, next to Palanga Rescue Station, between Palanga Bridge and Palanga Rescue Station, next to Palanga Bridge, between Palanga Bridge and Birutė Beach, next to Birutė Hill-Birutė Beach, in Nemirseta, at Šaipiai Village , in Karklė village, Dutch hat cliff, Kukuliškiai, at Giruliai Rescue Station, next to Melnragė Rescue Station, on the beach at Pervalka, on the beach close to Preila, the central Nida beach, Rusnė cape, where Nemunas splits into Atmata and Skirvytė, in Kintai, at the lagoon, on the Kapstatas lake (Endriejavas), next to Girkaliai Cultural Centre, and Būtingė geomorphologic reserve.

Please check for precise locations on the Lithuanian seaside at: www.lietuva.lt and http://www.ancientlights.eu/lt

Note: the organisers have issued a warning that fires shall not be made at the Baltic Seaside unless previously authorised by the municipal authorities (administrations).