Cooperation prospects discussed with Azerbaijan


2018 09 06


Chancellor of the Government Algirdas Stončaitis has met with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan Khalaf Khalafov and has discussed prospects for bilateral cooperation. 

The meeting stressed that Lithuania could seek more efficient cooperation with Azerbaijan in the fields of customs, veterinary medicine, nature conservation and education.     

‘Experts from the Office of the Government take an active part in the project of the European Union Twinning programme and help the Azerbaijani experts modernise and restructure the public service. Successful work of an intergovernmental commission helps develop trade and economic relations. However, we could seek much closer cooperation in the fields of food, wood processing industry, transport and information technologies’, said Chancellor of the Government Stončaitis.       

The meeting also highlighted the successful process of cooperation between Azerbaijan and the EU: negotiations on partnership priorities have already been formally completed.