Prime Minister: Poland is the closest strategic partner in the region


2018 09 05

MP susitikimas su B. Morawiecki.jpg

Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis has met with Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki and has discussed bilateral relations, strategic transport and energy projects, education and other matters of importance. 

During the meeting in Krynica delight was expressed at intensive political contacts which demonstrate exceptional character of bilateral relations. It was stressed that the countries should avail themselves of the good atmosphere; therefore it was proposed to concentrate on concrete and practical aspects of the relations. The importance of geopolitical security and strengthening of cooperation were stressed. 

‘We consider Poland to be our closest strategic partner in the region; we are united by particularly close ties. We aim to resolve all matters through constructive cooperation and mutual trust. The phrase that Lithuania and Poland are strategic partners has become the usual phrase while talking about bilateral relations. Time and again I have said that there are no unsolvable problems, only people who are unable or incapable of doing that. I am glad that we are the people who are able and know how to do it’, said Skvernelis. 

Prime Minister Morawiecki stressed that both countries were united by shared interests and that they were advancing swiftly in bilateral relations. One of the clearest proofs is the situation of the Polish energy company PKN Orlen.   

The polish business was invited to invest actively in Lithuania, especially in the sectors with growth potential like logistics, retail trade, fintech and biotechnologies. It was also proposed to resume meetings of the Lithuanian-Polish economic cooperation commission whose work had been suspended since 2012. It would be a useful format to look for new opportunities for cooperation. The Prime Minister of Poland also acknowledged the necessity to resume the work of the commission.       

Prime Minister Skvernelis raised an idea of reviving the joint intergovernmental commission on education. Both sides agreed on the need for the political and expert level meetings in the field of education with a view to discussing matters related to education of the Poles living in Lithuania and the Lithuanians living in Poland. A bilateral expert group, which has been set up, will submit proposals by the end of the year as to how to create the best conditions for the pupils of ethnic minority schools to acquire quality education. Prime Minister Skvernelis asked for the Polish support for the Lithuanian education and culture centre to be established in Suwałki and expressed the need for a Lithuanian pre-school. Meanwhile, according to Skvernelis, the frequent critique on the allegedly poor situation of the Polish education in Lithuania is unjustified.       

Prime Minister Skvernelis thanked for the active cooperation and principled position of Poland while dealing with matters related to the Baltic power grid synchronisation and asked the Polish Government to consider a possibility to take action in order to ensure a possibility to re-broadcast programmes of Lithuania’s national public broadcasting company LRT via a digital terrestrial television network the in Suwałki region.       

The two Prime Ministers came to an agreement that the EU’s Multiannual Financial Framework by 2020 posed major challenges to Lithuania and Poland; therefore we must jointly defend our countries’ interests. Information was shared on the Rail Baltica project implementation process. It was stressed that joint efforts of the entire region were required in talks with the European Commission with a view to ensuring EU’s proper financing in the new financial period.         

The Lithuanian Prime Minister stressed that in Poland’s dispute with the European Commission, solution should be sought through a dialogue and that the language of sanctions was unacceptable there.  

The Polish Head of Government, among other things, expressed his delight at the ever more active cooperation in the field of culture. 

Prime Minister Skvernelis noticed that a visit by Pope Francis was to take place in Lithuania at the end of September and invited Prime Minister Morawiecki to Kaunas.