Prime Minister: the Government will further foster the historic and cultural heritage of the Lithuanian Jews


2018 05 04


Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis has taken part at a solemn ceremony to mark the start of construction of the Lost Shtetl Museum of Jewish history in Šeduva (Radviliškis District).     

According to the Head of Government, Šeduva has turned into a noble symbol embodying different generations and different fates of Lithuania, and there are ever more examples of monuments embodying the Jewish contribution to the development of Lithuania’s statehood. 

‘We cannot shape the future while ignoring the historical events and losses of the state. It is a test of maturity for the community and the society. Therefore, as we create an open society, we must keep our ears open to the history and the historical heritage of the Jews of Lithuania and Šeduva. I deeply regret that the Holocaust has tarnished the historical tradition of coexistence of our nations in Lithuania. It is the pain our nation bears, and we can draw lessons from it forever’, said Prime Minister Skvernelis at the ceremony.     

‘This is the common and inseparable past, yours and ours. The common aim of us all is to continue the work in order to restore and cherish the remaining heritage’, said the Head of Government.

Employing the latest technologies, the Lost Shtetl is a globally unique museum of the Litvak shtetl history, culture and remembrance. The top international museum professionals and architects are at work to create the museum that will tell and remind us, based on the history of Jews of Šeduva, about the history of the wiped out communities of similar shtetls. The museum will restore the shtetl life of the Jewish diaspora that was once one of the largest in Europe.  

The museum is to open in the summer of 2020.