Prime Minister: We will defend our carriers by all legal means


2020 07 09

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Today, the European Parliament voted by a majority in favour of the European Union Mobility Package. Lithuania, together with the eight other European Union Member States, were against this document and clearly said so during the deliberations on the provisions of the package in the EU Council.
‘Lithuania adheres to the consistent position as regards the application of the EU internal market principles and the strengthening of the internal market. It is obvious now that this package will discriminate against carriers from the countries at the EU’s external borders vis-à-vis other EU carriers. We are ready to defend our position by legal means and we are waiting for concrete actions of the European Commission to mitigate the negative provisions’, says Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis.

The Prime Ministers and members of the Government of Lithuania and other dissenting countries have repeatedly expressed in their speeches and letters to the Heads of the European Commission and Members of the European Parliament their disagreement with the provisions of the Mobility Package. Lithuania regards them as disproportionate and discriminating against Lithuanian carriers and also running counter to the objectives of the European Green Deal.
Lithuania does not support the provisions of the Mobility Package regarding the mandatory return of trucks to the country of registration every eight weeks and the ban on long in-cab rest periods, as well as the lack of a transition period for a proper market response and for ensuring the required infrastructure in all EU Member States.