The European Humanities University and its activities at the focus of discussions at the Office of the Government


2019 05 10


On May 10, a meeting chaired by First Deputy Chancellor Deividas Matulionis was held with the heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Lithuania to discuss the activities of the European Humanities University (EHU) and its preparations for the meeting of EHU sponsors and donors in Vilnius on 11 June.

The meeting was also attended by Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs Neris Germanas, Rector of EHU Sergej Ignatov and President of this University and its founder Anatoly Mikhailov.

The participants pointed out the role of the EHU in strengthening Belarusian civil society, preparing highly qualified professionals in humanities and social sciences and in promoting entrepreneurship.

Deividas Matulionis reconfirmed Lithuania‘s readiness to continue as a reliable sponsor and invited other international donors to participate in the meeting of EHU sponsors and friends, and to actively contribute to the development of this higher education institution. The EHU was founded in 1992 and operated in Minsk for twelve years as the only private university offering training in humanities in Belarus. Since 2005, the EHU has been operating in exile in Lithuania and has produced by now 2284 graduates. This year, the university boasts of 159 graduates. On May 8, it was granted the status of a university in exile. The University has three main donors, i.e. the European Commission, Sweden and Lithuania.