The activities of public and private sectors

  • State and municipal institutions and bodies and state and municipal enterprises shall organise their work and provide customer services remotely, except where the functions (tasks) concerned must be performed at the workplace. The performance of urgent and immediate functions (tasks) shall be ensured. The private sector is recommended to organise its work in the same manner as the public sector.
  • Cultural, leisure, entertainment and sports establishments shall not be visited, and no services shall be provided to visitors.
  • All indoor and outdoor events and gatherings shall be prohibited.
  • The activities of wellness and health centers, spas and recreation centres shall be prohibited, except for individual medical rehabilitation services that are related to treatment.
  • Hotels and other facilities shall be used for the isolation of people through an individual agreement between a municipality and an accommodation provider or at the request of the director of the municipal administration.
  • The activities of catering facilities, restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs and other entertainment venues shall be prohibited, except where food can be taken away or it can be otherwise delivered to natural and legal persons in accordance with hygiene requirements.
  • The activities of shops, shopping and/or entertainment centres, except for the sale of food, veterinary, pharmacy, optical goods and ortopeadic technical appliances, and of markets other than food, shall be prohibited. This prohibition shall not apply to online sales and when goods are delivered to natural or legal persons or are collected at collection points in accordance with hygiene requirements.
  • Beauty services shall be closed.
  • Casinos and amusement arcades shall be closed.
  • Visiting sentenced and arrested persons shall be prohibited, except their meetings with lawyers.
  • Non-cash settlements are recommended.
Last updated: 28-04-2020