The Government consists of the Prime Minister and ministers. The Government represents the executive power in Lithuania. It resolves public issues by taking a majority-vote decisions in its sittings. In its work, the Government is guided by the  Rules of Procedure of the   Government of the Republic of Lithuania.

The Government shall follow the principles of collegiality, democracy, lawfulness and publicity.

Government rights and responsibilities include submitting proposals to the President regarding the announcement of early election to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, in the case where the Seimas expresses direct non-confidence in the Government.

Where the Seimas fails to convene and announce the presidential election  within 10 days in the cases provided for in Article 89(1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, the presidential election shall be announced by the Government, through its resolution.

The Government has the right of legislative initiative at the Seimas.   The Government adopts resolutions on Seimas draft laws and other proposals submittable to the Seimas.  The Prime Minister or a duly authorized minister attends the proposal deliberation procedure.

The Government:

  • runs public affairs, protects the inviolability of the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, guarantees State security and public order;
  • executes laws and resolutions of the Seimas concerning the implementation of laws as well as decrees of the President;
  • coordinates ministries and other governmental agencies
  • drafts a public budget and submits it to the Seimas; executes the public budget, reports to the the Seimas on its execution;
  • drafts and submits legislative proposals for Seimas’s consideration;
  • establishes diplomatic relations, maintains relations with foreign states and international organisations;
  • carries out other functions due under Constitution or other legislation.
Last updated: 20-01-2017