A letter to the EU leadership by the Prime Minister of Lithuania and EU counterparts on the Mobility Package


2019 10 25


The Prime Ministers of Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania have signed a joint letter on the proposed Mobility Package. It has been sent to the President of the European Parliament, President of the European Commission, President-elect of the European Commission, President of the European Council, President-elect of the European Council.

The letter recalls that the creation of the European Union was followed by a long-term vision to achieve a well-functioning EU Single Market allowing businesses to grow internally and to become globally competitive.

Taking into consideration the global economic trends, the fierce international competition and the importance of creating preconditions for more sustainable growth of the EU economy as well as for the implementation of the ambitious EU climate policy targets, it is believed that EU decision-makers should diligently consider every possible legislative initiative.

The European road transport sector is a significant driver of European trade and economic growth and it has an unquestionable impact on the economy, society and environment. It directly employs around 5 million people and accounts for about 2% of the EU’s GDP.

‘The Government of the Republic of Lithuania is deeply concerned that certain new provisions in the proposed MP I run counter to the objectives of the EU internal market[JG1] . On this highly sensitive file, we need an inclusive discussion that takes into account the national specificities of all Member States, including those located at the external borders of the EU. We should not adopt measures creating unnecessary division in the EU’, states Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis.

The letter expresses firm conviction about the need for the new legislative measures to preserve the competitiveness of the EU road transport sector and to prevent putting Lithuania’s companies in worse position. The proposed legislative provisions of the MP I (particularly as regards the obligation for trucks to return regularly to the Member State of establishment, and the restriction on cabotage operations) are in contradiction with the efforts aimed at mitigating climate change.

Moreover, these proposals fail to adhere to the 2019-2024 EU strategic agenda, which points out the need for the EU to properly utilize the potential of a half a billion people’s market, particularly in the area of services.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania, together with the Prime Ministers of Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Poland and Romania call on the EU Member States and the EU institutions to find better, well-assessed and acceptable solutions for all Member States to effectively and adequately modernize the European road transport sector, increase competitiveness, preserve the Single Market and reach ambitious climate change goals.