A meeting with China's Ambassador to discuss preventive actions against the new coronavirus


2020 02 03

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First Deputy Chancellor Deividas Matulionis has met with China's Ambassador to Lithuania Shen Zhifei to discuss preventive action against the new coronavirus.
China's Ambassador has thanked the Lithuanian Government for its efforts and preventive measures to control the spread of the coronavirus. The Ambassador has emphasized: “The China's Embassy will do its best to prevent any cases of coronavirus in Lithuania. It stands ready to cooperate fully with the Lithuanian institutions.”
The Ambassador has also briefed on the national measures taken by the Chinese government to curb the spread of the coronavirus in China and beyond. Currently, the province of Hubei has strict controls in place, prohibiting all communication with that province. The Ambassador noted that information on the necessary medical examination at Vilnius Airport was provided in Chinese. It is also noted that a hotline is being established between the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Lithuania and the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health for the early waning and immediate exchange of relevant information.
Deividas Matulionis has asked the Ambassador to inform the Lithuanian Government, the institutions and the Threat Management and Crisis Prevention Group at the Office of the Government on a regular and immediate basis of the current situation regarding the spread of coronavirus.
It has been pointed out that although no suspected or confirmed cases of new coronavirus infection have been identified in Lithuania, the Emergency Operations Centre at the Ministry of Health continues to take proactive measures to protect people from potential threats. The Emergency Operations Centres at other institutions have also been activated.