Amended requirements for mask-wearing for children and for catering services


2020 11 12


In the interests of clarity and reasonable management of the threats posed by the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Cabinet has revised some of the nationwide lockdown restrictions

On Wednesday, the Cabinet looked into the issue of mask-wearing for children that had provoked considerable public debate and decided that children over the age of six in pre-school, pre-primary and primary education will not be required to wear protective equipment covering nose and mouth during the educational process. This will not exempt other students and they will be required to continue wearing protective equipment covering nose and mouth.

Also, in view of the requests received, restrictions were relaxed for catering facilities. It was decided that catering services could be provided not only to the staff of enterprises, establishments or organisations working on shifts but also in educational, social care, health care, national defence, penitentiary establishments, remand prisons, the Foreigners’ Registration Centre or other establishments, where catering is required by the operational profile of these establishments. In other cases, catering services shall be discontinued.

To properly manage the threats posed by the coronavirus, a decision was made to prevent attempts to circumvent the bans on leisure, entertainment and sports facilities. Although the current provision bans visits to cultural, leisure, entertainment and sports facilities, as well as the physical service of visitors, with certain exceptions, there have nevertheless been cases where the ban has been disregarded under the guise of renting the premises. This is the reason why the Cabinet has clarified the restriction, which now bans the rental, sublease or transfer free of charge (on a lending basis) premises managed by them by the right of ownership or on other lawful grounds for private events, celebrations and other gatherings.

Please note that the nation-wide lockdown will continue until the midnight of 29 November.