Andrius Kubilius: voters’ support confirms that we are on the right track


2009 06 08


In today’s press conference on the outcomes of the elections to the European Parliament, Andrius Kubilius, the Prime Minister and the leader of the party having gained the largest share of the votes, has expressed his appreciation to the voters for their support. The Prime Minister has noted that Lithuania is the only Baltic country where the leading governing party in the coalition earned the highest voter confidence amid the intense economic turmoil. Andrius Kubilius has also pointed out that his party has now gained even more votes compared to national parliamentary elections back in autumn.

“The outcome of the elections in our country is similar to that in Germany, France, Italy and Poland where the ruling parties emerged winners thus gaining a confirmation about the success of their policies and voter confidence. The voter support in the elections gives us a confirmation that we are on the right track. We make mistakes, get into difficulties, at times we have to face resistance inside the party when it comes to reforms, still – we move forward which is appreciated by the public at large as it has transpired yesterday. We are sincerely grateful for that. The work that we started must be carried on – the voters told us this yesterday”, said Prime Minister Kubilius at the press conference.

Prime Minister is convinced that yesterday’s results told a lot to the other parties as well. “Year on year we have been drafting European convergence programmes in the fields of economy and finance, but this convergence must encompass the political convergence, too. People appreciate the course that we have been pursuing over the recent years: the centre-right consolidation proves not only our success, it also sets an example for other political groups, and first of all, the liberal parties”, said Kubilius.

“I should express my delight at the fact that our victory also signifies our contribution, although a modest one, to the joint victory of the centre-right European Peoples’ Party. Europe’s left has suffered a painful defeat despite the fact that the good many have tried to associate the global economic crisis with the right-wing economic philosophy. I am certain that such election results on the European scale will lead to the approval of José Manuel Barroso by the next European Council for his new term [as President of the European Commission], for he also represents centre-right ideology in Europe”, said the Prime Minister.