ASEM: Prime Minister in favour of sound budget policy and deficit cuts


2010 10 05


Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius has spoken during the morning session of the Asia-Europe summit (ASEM) in Brussels. The ASEM morning session was devoted to the sustainable development.
In his speech, Prime Minister Kubilius returned to the topic of the global crisis.

“Not us, not Lithuania caused the crisis, but we are responsible for dealing with the current situation as soon and as smoothly as possible”, said Kubilius, adding that it is essential to “learn the lesson of the present crisis and to be ready for times of global trouble that might come in the future”. Sound budget policy and hard work in cutting deficit are the major measures of successful performance, according to the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the importance of communication in broad sense in the globalized world. He recalled the successful and practically beneficial ASEM Transport Ministers’ meeting hosted by Lithuania for the first time last year, expressing conviction about further development of East-West cooperation in terms of conventional transport as well as Internet governance, or a high-tech IT development.

“The East-West Transport Corridor will enable container traffic from Shanghai to Lithuania within 12 days, not 45, as it is today”, said Kubilius. The Prime Minister expressed his delight about the current cooperation. The next ASEM Transport Ministers’ meeting has been scheduled to be held in China next year. Lithuania will be one of the initiators and supporters of the meeting.