Chancellor of the Government: EXPO 2020 offers a perfect opportunity to promote Lithuania


2019 06 26


Chancellor Algirdas Stončaitis has met with EXPO 2020 Vice-President Omar Shehadeh from the United Arab Emirates to discuss the ongoing preparations for EXPO 2020 to be held in Dubai, the world’s hub for finance, logistics and cutting-edge technology.

Lithuania is taking further its political, economic and cultural ties with the United Arab Emirates: today the Government has decided to appoint Lithuania’s Ambassador to Abu Dhabi.

The Chancellor has thanked the EXPO organisers for their technical assistance and expertise in the lead to the exhibition. According to the Chancellor, the participation in the exhibition will be a great opportunity to present Lithuania, its culture, innovative business and tourism.

“Not only is EXPO 2020 a 6-months monumental exhibition but also a great platform for broader cooperation with the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the region with a view to achieving Lithuania’s strategic goals. Lithuania is proud of its history, rich cultural and natural heritage, modern industries, particularly lasers, life sciences, financial technologies, etc. We take pride in many things we are going to show to the world through EXPO, which will also serve as a perfect opportunity to take further our cultural and economic relations”, said Chancellor Algirdas Stončaitis.

EXPO 2020 Vice-President Omar Shehadeh has pointed out that every effort will be made to ensure Lithuania’s preparation for the exhibition, also taking the opportunity to invite the Chancellor to visit the United Arab Emirates.

Lithuanian pavilion will introduce sustainable building and smart home technologies, high-quality solar cells, modern furniture and other equipment. The idea of the pavilion, brought forward by a group of young architects, Openarium, demonstrates loyalty to tradition at the same time embracing the diversity in the world.