Chancellor of the Government pays tribute to Holocaust victims


2015 09 22


“Today, as every September, we look the truth in the eye. It witnesses the tragedy of us all. Today, we bow our heads together in memory of our friends, who have become victims of the Holocaust”, said Chancellor of the Government, Alminas Mačiulis, in Paneriai memorial, at the ceremony honoring the victims of the Holocaust, organized on the eve of the Remembrance Day of the Lithuanian Jews, Victims of the Genocide.

“Some things are so painful that we wish to forget them, delete from our memory and from the history. However, the past will not go away, as long as we do not come to terms with it”, said the Chancellor of the Government. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst episodes in Lithuania's history. No Vilnius fires, plagues or fights can equal in their gravity and horror to Paneriai. Here, people went into destruction to the infernal plan. At all times of the year. Day and night. Almost all Lithuanian Jerusalem was brought to ashes.

In his address to the assembled members of the Lithuanian Jewish community, Righteous Among the Nations, ambassadors and other ceremony participants, the Chancellor of the Government noted that the Day of the Holocaust of Lithuanian Jews every year reminds us of the crimes against humanity, and is an intergenerational history lesson.

“Unfading ever memory is our obligation to those killed and tortured.  It is our commitment to everything to prevent this from happening ever in the future. Standing in here, we remember the heroes celebrating human life as the highest value. It is the Righteous Among the Nations, who risked their own lives and those of their loved ones to rescue their neighbors, friends or strangers who had been condemned to death. This is an example of humanity to which we should all look up, and hold it as our beacon when building Lithuania and the whole future of mankind”, said A. Mačiulis.

“I trust we have learned the lessons of history. It is therefore the duty of all of us to make the world hear the pain of the victims, that the truth would never be hidden, so that it would always, even in difficult times, find its way into our hearts and stay there forever. I firmly believe that we, Lithuanians and Jews, will do everything in protecting common human values, fostering the unique Litvak heritage and upbringing the young generation in the spirit of humanism”, said the Chancellor of the Government at the ceremony held onTuesday honoring the victims of the Holocaust in Paneriai Memorial.