Commission to deal with issues of Lithuanian Jewish culture and history


2015 01 14


In its meeting, the Government has decided to set up a commission for issues related to Lithuanian Jewish culture and history.

The Commission, headed by Alminas Mačiulis, Chancellor of the Government, will examine issues related to the Lithuanian Jewish cultural and historical heritage, preservation of the Jewish cemetery and Jewish mass graves in Lithuania, other issues of Lithuanian Jewish culture and history and put forward proposals to the Government as regards the implementation of the tasks assigned.

The Commission will involve not only Lithuanian public institutions and organizations, but also American and international Jewish organizations, as well as Lithuanian Jews (Litvak) community.

The idea of the bilateral Commission was brought up last autumn in the meetings of the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Government with Director of International Affairs of American Jewish Committee, Rabbi Andrew Baker, President of the Lithuanian Jewish Community, Faina Kukliansky and other community representatives.