Deividas Matulionis: Japan has never been so close


2020 02 21


First Deputy Chancellor of the Government Deividas Matulionis has met with a delegation led by Special Advisor to the Prime Minister of Japan Isao Iijima to discuss prospects for the bilateral cooperation in the fields of economy, culture and elsewhere.     

“Japan has become Lithuania’s most important cooperation partner in Asia. We share common values and a similar approach to global matters. The year 2020 is designated in Lithuania as the year of Japanese diplomat, the Righteous Among the Nations Chiune Sugihara; together with Japan, we mark the 80th anniversary of the issuance of ‘visas for life’. Throughout the year, various cultural, educational, study events, commemorations and conferences will be held. We highly appreciate the ‘Japan-Lithuania Friendship Flight’ organized by Mr. Komaru. We are grateful to the attention given to Lithuania, and we look forward to more direct flights between Tokyo and Vilnius in the future”, said Matulionis.
It has been noted that the visit of the Prime Minister of Japan in 2018 has given new impetus to the bilateral mutually beneficial economic cooperation. The interest of Japanese business and financial organizations in Lithuania has been growing, and the European Union-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) will greatly contribute to the improvement of bilateral trade.

It has been stressed that over the past few years, Japan has become the second largest economic partner of Lithuania in the Asian region thanks to the public and private sectors.

First Deputy Chancellor of the Government Matulionis has invited Japanese companies to establish in Lithuania and take advantage of the investment environment.  

It has been emphasized that Lithuania greatly appreciates Japan’s initiative to carry out and finance the technical study needed for the implementation of the synchronization project of the Baltic electricity networks.

Japan’s cooperation with Hoptrans, one of Lithuania’s transport leaders, was also welcomed. The cooperation is expected to grow into a strong partnership.

The life sciences partnership between Lithuania and Japan is highly important. Japan’s business and science representatives have been invited to take an active part in the Life Sciences Baltics conference this year.

It has been noted that the Tokyo Olympics 2020 will offer Lithuania an excellent opportunity to raise its profile in Japan and vice versa, which should enhance mutual understanding between people.

The meeting has highlighted the active exchange of students; the Japanese and Lithuanian universities had signed a number of cooperation agreements, and many partnership projects had been launched. Lithuania invites Japanese youth to be more active in taking opportunity to study in Lithuania, and can offer many different programs.

On behalf of the Prime Minister, Matulionis conveyed greetings to the Japanese people on the occasion of the Emperor’s Birthday.
Lithuania and Japan have long-standing friendly relations: we will mark the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations in 2022.