Guidelines for future cooperation between Lithuania and Poland set


2020 09 17


A joint meeting of the Lithuanian and Polish Cabinets has been held at the Palace of the Grand Dukes in Vilnius, where the current and future key actions for the two countries have been discussed, achievements welcomed, and guidelines for the future cooperation outlined.

The joint meeting of the Lithuanian and Polish Cabinets, chaired by Prime Ministers of the two countries, Saulius Skvernelis and Mateusz Morawiecki, was for the first time in the modern history of the two countries, and was attended by Vice-Prime Ministers, over 20 Ministers, and Government Chancellors of both countries. The joint meeting was preceded by bilateral meetings between the Prime Ministers and Ministers within their respective remits, where topical matters of bilateral cooperation and further directions for strengthening relations were discussed.

It is symbolic that the meeting was held on 17 September, as on this day 81 years ago, through the implementation of the criminal pact between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, the Soviet aggression against Poland began, which subsequently determined the fate of Lithuania.

‘Today’s meeting is the embodiment of the bilateral cooperation between our two countries in all areas. Bilateral relations have been raised to a level of high intensity and mutual understanding. Our goal is to continue maintaining cooperation that is in line with the spirit of strategic relations and is results-oriented. For the last four years, our countries have been cooperating particularly productively. I personally thank Prime Minister Morawiecki and the Government of Poland for this. Lithuania and Poland are stronger and more successful when they foster a strategic partnership and stand up against being pitted against each other. We have managed to restore our relations to the high level that our people deserve, that we are obliged to maintain because of our common history and cultural similarity,’ said Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis.

The meeting has summarized the progress made in developing the strategic bilateral partnership. The Governments of both countries have emphasized the regional responsibility of Lithuania and Poland in mobilizing the support of the international community for the people of Belarus. This has been anchored in the Declaration of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and of the Government of the Republic of Poland on Strategic Partnership and Belarus, signed by the two Prime Ministers. The Declaration has agreed on the fundamental common goal: that Lithuania and Poland, while continuously pursuing the security and prosperity of the two countries, implementing key transport and energy projects, further strengthening cooperation in all areas and at all levels, are ready to share their experience and support with neighbouring countries. The Declaration has emphasized that both countries support the sovereignty of Belarus and the aspirations of the people of Belarus to live in an independent and democratic state, their own country, where free and democratic elections are held. The Declaration on Strategic Partnership clearly states that both countries will work together to meet the challenges to the security of Lithuania and Poland, will oppose the attempts of certain countries to rewrite history, and will seek the unequivocal support of their allies and partners in the European Union and NATO.

The meeting has also focused on strengthening cultural relations and the common policy of historical memory. Documents have been signed, formalizing closer cooperation between Lithuania and Poland in separate areas. The Ministers of Education of Poland and Lithuania, Algirdas Monkevičius and Dariusz Piontkowski, have signed a detailed action plan for cooperation in the field of education.

Much attention has been paid to the implementation of strategic transport and energy infrastructure projects and directions for strengthening economic ties, especially with regard to cooperation between the railway companies of the two countries. With the Prime Ministers of Poland and Lithuania present, two important agreements have been signed between AB Lietuvos Geležinkeliai (LTG) and Polish State Railways (PKP) on the establishment of a joint venture for freight transport, and on the Vilnius-Warsaw passenger train.

The first agreement has reaffirmed the commitment of both companies to start joint activities in rail freight transportation in Lithuania and Poland, and the second one, to connect the capitals of the two countries by a convenient passenger train.

The joint meeting of the two Cabinets was held at the invitation of Prime Minister Skvernelis. Joint Cabinet meetings are expected to become regular.


Declaration of the Governments of Lithuania and Poland on the Strategic Partnership and Belarus in English.