It has been specified, which leisure services cannot be provided during quarantine


2020 11 18


At a meeting on Wednesday, the Government endorsed a proposal by the Ministry of Health to specify the definition of leisure, entertainment, and sports services that are subject to restrictions during the quarantine.

The Government Resolution has specified the restrictions on leisure, sports, and entertainment services by banning the provision of services of leisure, sports facilities, sports clubs, entertainment, recreation, swimming pools, saunas (except for public baths for personal hygiene), discos, dance halls, cinemas, and cinema clubs.

The provision of these services shall be prohibited regardless of whether they are provided by natural or legal persons. It is also forbidden to visit or rent leisure facilities for private events, celebrations, or other gatherings.

As before, the exemption shall apply to high-performance sports training and individual (per visitor) physical activity sessions provided by a physical activity or sports specialist, instructor, or physical activity or sports specialist service provider.

When organizing such sessions, it is necessary to ensure the conditions for the management of the flow of persons, the maintenance of a safe distance, as well as the necessary conditions for the safety of public health, hygiene, and the provision of the necessary personal protective equipment, as set by the State Commander of National Emergency Operations.

The Ministry of Health notes that under the Government Resolution, the entire country is subject to quarantine from 7 to 29 November. During the quarantine, events and gatherings of more than five people in public places are prohibited, while restaurants and cafes can only provide take-away food or otherwise deliver it to individuals and legal entities.

All the quarantine restrictions can be found HERE.