Kubilius and Netanyahu: shared values and shared approach to world security


2010 12 21


Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius and the official delegation have met with Israeli Prime Minister Benyamine Netanyahu.

The meeting has basically focused on the pending threat of radicalism in the Middle East and in the world, as well as joint efforts to mitigate the threats in the context of Lithuania's chairmanship over the OSCE and later the EU by including the threat of radicalism on the EU agenda.

On Lithuanian-Israeli bilateral cooperation, the two Prime Ministers have noted that the current relationships are very good. The counterparts have also agreed about the ever improving economic cooperation and growing importance of science and modern technologies.

“Today, it is natural that Israel, with its impressive level of economic and scientific modernity is our important partner. That is witnessed by our bilateral agenda which has enlarged and enriched particularly over the recent years; as well as by a new quality achieved in the development of our relations, and by an active political and economic dialogue that has been taking place. This year alone we have had seven exchanges of top Israeli and Lithuanian officials. I have had the honour to welcome Israeli Deputy Prime Minister and Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon, Foreign Affairs Minister Avigdor Liberman, Chairman of the Knesset Parliamentary Liaison Group with Lithuania Zeev Bielski. A number of other important visits have already been planned for the next year,”– said Prime Minister Kubilius, adding that IBM's research center in Lithuania intends to conduct joint medical research with the counterpart in Haifa.
Israeli Prime Minister B. Netanyahu has found much things in common for the two countries. "We're very small countries destined to hard fight for their historical presence. We are united not only by our long common history, but also by the size, "- said the Israeli Head of Government.
“Lithuania and Israel are young, dynamic, and energetic countries with a significant untapped potential. Israel is known worldwide as a "Start-Up Nation", a giant of an innovative, dynamic economy. We would like to become a "Start-Up Nation No.2. And we will make sure it happens. I am convinced that by pooling our efforts, ideas and creativity, we can do a lot of good for the friendship, prosperity and wellbeing of our two States.” – said Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius.

Prime Minister Kubilius has presented his counterpart with the T-shirt of the Lithuanian basketball team bearing No 1.
Prime Minister Netanyahu has been very much interested in the perpetuation of the Litvaks’ heritage as well as memorable places of Rabbi Gaon in Vilnius.

B. Netanyahu is the center-right Liku" party leader, serving as Prime Minister since 2009 (he was also a Prime Minister in 1996-1999). Born in Israel, he says he derives from Litvaks. From his father's side he is in relation with Rabbi Eliyahu of Vilna (Vilna Gaon).