Lithuania eases lockdown restrictions


2020 04 29


The Government has taken a decision to further ease the lockdown restrictions following the recommendations by the Ministry of Health. This will relax restrictions on leisure activities, departure from the country (as of 4 May) and it will allow health care providers to resume services.

According to the Government Resolution, there will be changes in the requirement as regards the mandatory face protection (face masks, respirators or other covers) in public places. The Resolution specifies that they will have to be worn in public places by all those above the age of six. Exceptions, as has been the case until now, apply to eating and drinking in open-air cafes, also to the training of professional athletes, and in rural areas.

Since the departure of the citizens of Lithuania has no adverse effect on the epidemiological situation in the country, the Government has decided to lift, as of the next Monday, the current restrictions on the Lithuanian citizens leaving the country. Negotiations are going on with Latvia and Estonia as regards free border crossing for each other’s citizens. Big outflows are highly unlikely due to the constraints applicable by other countries.

As of today, the restrictions have been lifted of the trading venues, including stores, marketplaces and other public places, as long as they can ensure that the flow of buyers is limited (at least 10 sq. m. of space per buyer is ensured or no more than one buyer is served at a time) and that the mandatory public health safety and hygiene requirements are met and the staff and the customers get the mandatory personal protection means. Failure to ensure the requirements at the trading venues will prevent them from reopening.

As of tomorrow, service providers will be able to provide services both indoor and outdoor longer than 20 minutes on the condition that flow of visitors is limited.

Given that the risk of spreading the virus is fairly low outdoors – with extra safety and hygiene requirements – from now on, a wider range of services will be allowed in open areas, such as training of dogs, making photographs in open spaces, riding, orienteering  sports in small groups, etc.

Restrictions will be eased for outdoor leisure activities as of tomorrow. Until now, this has been possible only at golf and outdoor tennis courts, outdoor shooting ranges, karting tracks, water board parks. Leisure activities (without specifying them) will be allowed as long as they take place in open air and in groups of no more than two or in families, while avoiding gatherings of people.

Training of athletes who have met the requirements for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, candidates of the Olympic team, athletes preparing for the deaf championships, also for the world or European championships, and athletes of national teams or other team sports preparing for tournaments (leagues) will be allowed.

The Government has also decided to enable health care providers to resume their services once they are ready. They will have to ensure the availability of appropriate infection control measures to provide for the protection of their staff and the patients. Health care providers are required to produce a plan for a phased resumption and provision of inpatient and outpatient health care services.

To view Government Resolution No 207 declaring quarantine on the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, please click this link (In Lithuanian, consolidated version as of 4 May 2020). Unofficial translation of resolution can be found here.

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