Lithuania‘s readiness to cooperate with Moldova in building modern sports infrastructure


2015 05 05

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On Tuesday, Chancellor of the Government, Alminas Mačiulis, met with Moldova’s Youth and Sports Minister, Sergei Afanasenco, to discuss Moldova's integration into the European Union and possibilities for sharing best practices in the development of Moldova's modern sports infrastructure and increasing youth employment.

“A modern, European and economically strong Moldova is of general interest for the entire EU, including Lithuania. Our country has firmly and consistently supported Moldova’s choice to pursue political association and economic integration with the EU, we are happy to pass over to Moldova our European integration experience, both countries have been jointly involved in development cooperation projects aimed to support the development of a democratic civil society”, said Government Chancellor, Alminas Mačiulis.

The Chancellor pointed out Lithuania’s readiness to cooperate with relevant authorities in Moldova.

Sergei Afanasenco was introduced to the Young Professionals Programme “Create in Lithuania”. The Chancellor said that projects like this promoted public sector efficiency, and youth participation in public life. “Creation of modern future is each country’s preoccupation. We look forward to sharing our experience”, - said Alminas Mačiulis.

Moldova’s Youth and Sports Minister is a practicing athlete, the coach of the national Paralympic Games, and he will take part in the international tennis tournament for people with disabilities “Lithuanian Open 2015” to be held in Vilnius on 7-10 May.