Lithuania-UK cooperation is to continue to grow in the future


2020 02 04


Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis has met with Brian Olley, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Lithuania, to discuss prospects for the bilateral political and economic cooperation.
According to the Head of Government, Lithuania greatly values the partnership with the United Kingdom, both in the international organizations and in the bilateral relations. The countries share the same approach on many issues, and Lithuania will support further the close cooperation between the two countries.

It has been noted that the UK is a very important and reliable economic partner of Lithuania as well as a significant market for goods of Lithuanian origin. Saulius Skvernelis has invited UK business to invest in Lithuania, pointing out that the Government has already worked out legislative provisions regarding further incentives for investment, and is ready to put them to deliberation.

'We appeciate United Kingdom's active role in strengthening the security of the Lithuanian and Eastern NATO borders. We kindly ask you to convey our gratitude to the UK Government and its leader for the commitment to the security of the Baltic States. The strong transatlantic link is among Lithuania's foreign policy priorities. It is important that Lithuania and the UK are in the '2 per cent club'. We are looking forward to the United Kingdom fighter jets at the NATO Air Police Mission in Lithuania. Will you please pass on my invitation to the Head of the UK Government to come to Lithuania on a bilateral basis and also visit the UK troops at the same time?', said the Prime Minister.

Lithuania also appreciates the UK's leadership of the Joint Expeditionary Force, its consistency in supporting the European Union's Eastern Partnership initiatives, and its interest in political and economic stability in the region and in the neighbouring countries.

Lithuania strongly supports Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. On 7 July 2020, a Ukraine Reform Conference is to be held in Vilnius and an invitation to the event has been sent out to the UK Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

The meeting has also touched upon the relations between Lithuania and the UK in the context of Brexit. Lithuania supports the comprehensive EU-UK Free Trade Agreement and will seek to continue the strong relationship with the UK in the areas of Common Foreign and Security and Defence Policy.
Concerning the protection of citizens' rights, Lithuania is convinced that the principles of non-discrimination and reciprocity must be respected - all EU citizens must be treated equally.