Lithuanian and Hungarian Prime Ministers Met in Vilnius


2012 09 24


Today Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius received Head of the Hungarian Government Viktor Orbán on his official visit to Lithuania.

The Prime Ministers discussed bilateral relations and pressing issues of the EU agenda; they exchanged their views on energy security as well as other topical matters. In addition, the Prime Ministers of Lithuania and Hungary signed a Joint Statement, thereby expressing their will to strengthen friendly relations between Lithuania and Hungary, and to foster cooperation of Central European countries.

“Today we are taking two big steps: we are establishing a Lithuanian – Hungarian Forum, which will serve as a medium for scholars and intellectuals to discuss important matters of mutual relations as well as European agenda. What is more, we have signed an agreement on youth cooperation,” said the Lithuanian Prime Minister after the meeting with the Hungarian Prime Minister.

The Head of the Hungarian Government thanked Lithuania for “the solidarity, friendship and support” and emphasized the similarity in the historical experience of the both countries. According to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Lithuania and Hungary hold the same position as to these topical issues.

“We share the same opinion on the energy security, and we are interested in nuclear energy. Nuclear energy and economic independence are the matters of particular importance for us”, stated Mr. Orbán.

“I believe that Lithuanians do not realise how lucky they are. When I assumed the Office in 2010, our state debt accounted for over 80 per cent – which is a very gloomy data – whereas your state debt accounted for only 38 per cent. Every day we fight for the economic independence seeking to reduce the debt to at least less than 50 per cent”, said the Hungarian Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister of Hungary is visiting Lithuania at the invitation of Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius. Today Mr. Orbán will also meet with Speaker of the Seimas Irena Degutienė and the political prisoners and exiles at the Memorial Complex of the Tuskulėnai Peace Park. Later in the day he will go to the Antakalnis cemetery to pay respect to those who fought for the Lithuania’s independence and were killed.