Lithuanian Prime Minister regrets: New York Times lost in translation


2009 12 30


Andrius Kubilius has noted that the statements by the New York Times implicating that the Lithuanian Prime Minister accused the Central Intelligence Agency of employing “Soviet methods” do not correspond with the truth. In fact, the Prime Minister mentioned “Soviet methods” while speaking about the actions of the Lithuanian security services when establishing CIA detention centres on the Lithuanian territory, with the Lithuanian security services allegedly not informing the Lithuanian civil authorities about their actions and thereby violating existing laws. The Lithuanian Prime Minister made the above-mentioned statement while expressing his comments on findings issued by the parliamentary investigation on the so-called CIA prisons. Andrius Kubilius has noted that the New York Times did not contact him directly. The Lithuanian Prime Minister has expressed his regrets that due to the use of secondary sources and possible translation inaccuracies the New York Times made a mistake distorting the actual position of the Lithuanian Prime Minister.

Andrius Kubilius has pointed out that the purpose of the parliamentary investigation was to establish the role of the Lithuanian authorities in providing conditions for the operation of the so-called CIA prisons in Lithuania. Neither the investigation nor the Prime Minister having commented on its findings seek to assess the intentions or actions of the CIA or the then American Government, in the belief that this is, in the first place, a prerogative of the Americans themselves.