Lithuanians in Venezuela will have more time to submit applications for resettlement in Lithuania


2020 10 21

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On 21 October, the Government has decided to extend the deadline for another year (until 1 October 2021) for the submission of applications for the resettlement of persons of Lithuanian origin from Venezuela to Lithuania.

The proposal has been put forward by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in response to requests from the Lithuanian community in Venezuela.

‘It has so happened that many Venezuelan Lithuanians have been unable to submit their applications and documents required for resettlement status in time due to objective reasons, such as the crisis in Venezuela, the pandemic, disruptions in electricity and internet supply and often closed notary offices and public institutions. The increasing number of resettlement applications has been reported at the Lithuanian Embassy in Spain’, says Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis.

The resolution regarding the resettlement of persons of Lithuanian descent from the crisis-stricken Venezuela was adopted back in 2019. Lithuania welcomed the first 13 arrivals from Venezuela (citizens of Lithuania or persons entitled to the citizenship) between August and September this year. They were accommodated at the Rukla Refugee Reception Centre.

The resettling persons are entitled to the reimbursement of their travel expenses, to housing, allowances for settlement (EUR 250 lump sum) and basic necessities ((EUR 250/a month) and child education, and to support for learning the Lithuanian language, etc.

To date, the resettlement status has been granted to 81 persons (13 of them have already resettled) and about 50 more decisions are pending in this regard.

The resettlement is hindered by irregular flights and bureaucratic obstacles within Venezuela. Special permits are required to move within the country. It is forbidden to drive from one region to another in Venezuela without a special police permit.

According to the population register of the Republic of Lithuania, last year, 187 Lithuanian citizens lived in Venezuela. The Lithuanian community in Venezuela has about 400 people of Lithuanian descent. Overall, about 1 000 Lithuanian citizens and persons of Lithuanian descent live in Venezuela.