Local quarantines are declared in individual municipalities


2020 10 22


Quarantine has been declared in the district municipalities of Elektrėnai, Joniškis, Jurbarkas, Kelmė, Klaipėda, Kretinga, Marijampolė, Pasvalys, Plungė, Skuodas, Šiauliai and Švenčionys, and the quarantine has been extended in Raseiniai district municipality.

The quarantine shall be effective for the period from 26 October 2020, 00:00 until 9 November 2020, 24:00. In Raseiniai district municipality - until 6 November 2020, 24:00.



In the entire territory of Lithuania

Additional restrictions in cities and towns under quarantine


  • No restrictions on the number of participants.
  • Mandatory registration of all participants or electronic distribution of tickets.
  • Mandatory protective face masks and a 1 m distance outdoors.
  • Mandatory protective face masks and a 2 m distance (or every second chair) indoors.

Catering establishments

  • Opening hours: 7:00–24:00 (with exceptions).
  • Mandatory registration of visitors.
  • 2 m distance.

Movement and protective face masks


  • Protective face masks:
  • in public transport;
  • at points of sale.

Liability shall apply to a legal entity.

  • In public transport: 1 m distance, seated travelling only.
  • In public places, groups of no more than 5 people (with 2 m distance between the groups). In Raseiniai district - groups of no more than 2 people (with 2 m distance between the groups).
  • Protective face masks mandatory in public and indoor facilities, transport and public establishments (with exceptions; liability shall apply to natural persons).

Public and private sector




  • Remote work recommended.
  • Mixed or remote work mandatory in the public sector.
  • This requirement is recommended for the private sector too.
  • At least 10 sq. m. of space per person at points of sale or service.



  • 5–12 grade pupils learn remotely.
  • Pre-school, pre-primary, primary and vocational education continues the usual way.
  • Non-formal education for children and adults is carried out remotely or discontinued (until 8 November).
  • Higher education and continuing vocational training is recommended to be provided remotely (until 8 November).



  • Public establishments follow orders of the Minister for Health.
  • No visiting of patients, except those in terminal condition, also children under 14 years of age and women after birth in hospital.


Social care



  • No restrictions.
  • No visiting.
  • Limited opening hours of day care centres recommended.

Religious observations and ceremonies

  • Mandatory protective face masks.
  • At least 1 m distance.
  • Religious communities operating in municipal territories are recommended to organise religious observations and ceremonies in such a way as to avoid gatherings or to refrain from religious observations and ceremonies.