Nordic-Baltic cooperation priorities discussed with the President of Iceland


2015 03 10


Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius has met with President of the Republic of Iceland, Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, for a working lunch to discuss the Nordic-Baltic cooperation, the economic situation in the region and relevant security issues.

“It is symbolic that the President visits Lithuania on its 25th independence anniversary, after all, Iceland was the first country to recognize our determination to be free. I am happy that the 25 years of our cooperation have seen ever growing cooperation based on common values and friendly relations”, said the Prime Minister.

Another subject discussed was Iceland’s economic growth, which has come back to normal following the recession. Prime Minister A. Butkevičius has shared insights and forecasts of the Lithuanian economy.

“The political and economic situation in the region has also affected the Lithuanian economy, but we have succeeded to shift our focus on other markets, thus absorbing the loss related to the Russian embargo imposed on the Lithuanian products. At present, Lithuania remains among the fastest growing economies in Europe, and the introduction of the euro is expected to bring further economic and political benefits”, said the Lithuanian Head of Government.

On the Nordic-Baltic Eight, the leaders of both countries have agreed that the priorities meet the interests of the states. The upcoming October meeting in Iceland will focus on energy security, the Eastern Partnership and closer cooperation towards increased information security.