Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius meets with Georgia’s Patriarch: faith helps persevere on the road to freedom


2015 01 26


On Monday, Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius has met with country’s spiritual leader, Georgia’s Orthodox Church Patriarch Ilia II.

“I am honoured to meet you, Your Holiness. Faith gave our nations strength to withstand challenges faced over the history, preserve our native language, customs, traditions and the desire for freedom”, said the Head of the Lithuanian Government, wishing the Georgian Patriarch and the entire Georgian people peace and prosperity.

On behalf of the entire Church, the Patriarch has extended greetings to Lithuania, pointing out the strong ties between our nations. “I am convinced that our mutual links will become ever stronger in the future”, said the Georgian spiritual leader.

The Lithuanian Prime Minister has also welcomed the excellent relations between the two countries. “Georgia has many real friends in our country”, said the Head of Government.

The Patriarch Ilia II is an arduous supporter of the restoration of the territorial integrity of the country. The Georgian spiritual leader has drawn attention to the fact that this has been a serious challenge not only for Georgia but also Georgia-Russia relations, and Russia itself to that matter. Ilia II says that the risk of military conflict in the region will remain until the restoration of Georgia’s territorial integrity.