Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius: we highly regard friendship with Sweden


2015 10 08


Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius met with King Carl Gustaf XVI and Queen Silvia of Sweden to discuss the current close bilateral relations and prospects for future cooperation. Later, the Head of Government and the Swedish monarchs visited the Sunrise Valley Technology and Innovation Center, where they focused on the cooperation in the field of science.

“Traditionally, Lithuania has very close relations with Sweden, and we, Lithuanians, highly regard this beautiful friendship between our two neighboring countries, as we share common values and, together, we strive to ensure safety and wellbeing for our people”, said the Prime Minister.

According to the Prime Minister, the Swedish Royal Couple’s visit will further strengthen the relations between the two nations and open up new opportunities for cooperation. “Sweden is the largest foreign investor in Lithuania; Swedish businesses have created locally over 11 thousand jobs. Close cooperation between the people enables sharing the best practice, encourage innovations and socially responsible business”, said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister pointed out the upcoming completion of the Nord Balt electricity link between Sweden and Lithuania, which will help the country as regards the dependence on a single supplier. “We have already carried out 95 per cent of the total work, and we are thankful to our Swedish partners for cooperation”, said the Head of Government.

The Prime Minister noted Lithuania’s active participation in international organizations involved in addressing the latest most acute problems, like migration crisis, which calls for unity and solidarity among many countries.

When at the Sunrise Valley Technology and Innovation Center, discussions circled around the growing Lithuanian-Swedish cooperation in the scientific field. The Prime Minister noted a hundred of joint projects, involving scientists from both countries.

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden visited Lithuania in 2009 for the anniversary of the coronation of King Mindaugas and celebrations marking a millennium of the mentioning of Lithuania’s name. In the meantime, there have been many exchanges between the countries. The Speaker of the Swedish Parliament visited Lithuania several times; there have also been visits by Swedish Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Defense. Last year, the Lithuanian President and Foreign Affairs Minister visited Sweden, and there has been regular inter-parliamentary cooperation.