Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius: I have a vision of a Baltic economic unity


2009 06 12


On Friday, Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius took part in the 10th Baltic Economic Forum held in Riga. This is a regular annual event focussing on economic development in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. This time the Forum was held when all the three states have been suffering an economic downturn.
In his opening speech at the Forum and later during the joint press conference with Latvian Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis, Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius shared his vision on the harmonisation of the regulation of the Baltic economies with a view to bringing them out onto the map of world economies as a larger and more competitive unity with eight million people.
“Taken separately, all the three Baltic states have to deal with similar problems. All of us face many challenges, for instance in the field of energy. Quite recently we have decided that the best response to this particular challenge would be a common Baltic electricity market. The same could be applied elsewhere. A genuine cooperation between the three states could become a basis for regional competitiveness“, said the Lithuanian Prime Minister.
According to Andrius Kubilius the vision of the Baltic economic unity could be put to realisation through the harmonisation of taxes or common FDI policy.
The Latvian counterpart supported the vision and said it was an appropriate projection in terms of a long term economic development strategy of the three Baltic states.
Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius’ return to Vilnius has been scheduled for Friday.