Prime Minister Butkevičius: no geopolitical wind can ever quench the flame of our freedom


2015 01 13


As Lithuania commemorates the 13th of January, Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius calls on the nation to remember those days of trial, when all the people of Lithuania rose to the historical fight for freedom, for the independence of the Homeland.

“It was a time marked by determination, belief, hope, and unity. We won the fight for freedom, and we will remember the terrible price of victory for ever. We won, because we were united and resolute, for we wanted to live in justice and dignity”, said Prime Minister Butkevičius.

“In remembrance of those killed for the Independence, let us always remember that those sacrifices have been laid for the fundamental values of the nation, for the ultimate ideals of freedom. They oblige us to pursue the creation of our state in the spirit of solidarity, with patience and diligence, so that the life was based on trust and belief in the prosperous future of our state”, said the Head of Government.

According to the Prime Minister, no geopolitical wind can ever quench the flame of our freedom, for it has been lit by the fires of the 13th of January: the hearts of the people of Lithuania.