Prime Minister expresses strong support to Ukraine at meeting with Ukrainian President


2015 12 03


Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius received the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko who came on an official visit to Lithuania on Wednesday. During the meeting the Prime Minister expressed his strong support for Ukraine.

“Ukraine is an important partner for Lithuania. Lithuania supports the Ukrainian independence, its freedom, and territorial integrity. We will never recognize the occupation and annexation of Crimea”, said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister noted at the meeting that the sanctions for Russia should remain in place until the full implementation of the commitments of the Minsk Agreements by Moscow. The possibility of bringing the European Union (EU) and Russia closer together is only possible, in addition to other conditions, if Russia changes its aggressive stance towards Ukraine and retreats from its territory.

At the meeting with the Ukrainian leader, the Prime Minister discussed the country’s readiness to implement the free trade agreement with the European Union, which comes into force at the beginning of 2016, together with the association agreement. “This will definitely increase the trade between Ukraine and the EU, as well as between Ukraine and Lithuania, and will promote bilateral economic cooperation”, said the Head of Government.

The Prime Minister also noted that he has recently discussed the matters concerning the political and economic aid for Ukraine with the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker; the Prime Minister stressed that Lithuania supports Ukraine in all the international forums and meetings.

The Ukrainian president thanked Lithuania for its bilateral and multilateral humanitarian aid for Ukraine. More than 100 injured people have received treatment in Lithuania since 2014, and 30 children came to study for the school year from the regions affected by war. The aid is provided through the specialised agencies of the United Nations and the Red Cross organization.

“We are determined to continue providing different types of aid by responding to the new humanitarian challenges. Lithuania is also ready to continue its policies aimed at consistent expert support for Ukraine in the areas of transportation, energy, and others. We will encourage other countries to follow the Lithuania’s example”, said the Prime Minister Butkevičius.

The Prime Minister urged Ukraine to continue the reforms, and highlighted that the Lithuanian institutions and business are ready to share their experience in order to assist the Ukrainian business to harmonise its legal framework and standards with the requirements of the EU, which are essential for getting into the huge European market. For a successful economic development of Ukraine, an effective and transparent functioning of the state institutions is necessary.

At the meeting the ways to strengthen the bilateral economic relations were also discussed, as well as the matters concerning the cooperation in the transport, energy and other sectors.