Prime Minister: it is highly important to implement the project of gas pipeline interconnection between Lithuania and Poland


2015 06 11

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On Thursday, in Brussels, Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius met with the Prime Minister of Poland Ewa Kopacz. The Heads of Governments discussed mutual energy projects, the Prime Minister invite the Polish Prime Minister to attend the ceremony for the completion of the energy interconnection “LitPolLink”.

“The smooth implementation of the electricity interconnection project “LitPolLink” is an example of our excellent cooperation. We should follow this example when implementing another mutual project – the gas pipeline interconnection between Lithuania and Poland (GIPL),” said the Prime Minister A. Butkevičius.

According to the Prime Minister, the project, which is to be completed by 2019, is extremely important not only for Poland and the Baltic States, but for the rest of Europe as well.

“The implementation of GIPL would ensure the creation of the EU energy union and eliminate energy islands. Therefore, it is essential to solve the issue of financing for this project as soon as possible,” said the Prime Minister and emphasized that this is the only project that is able to integrate the Baltic States into the European gas market.

Issues concerning the transport sector were also looked into during the meeting. According to the Lithuanian Prime Minister, Poland could get fully involved in the work of the project “Rail Baltica 2”. “Only then we would have a railway line that connects the Baltic States with the Western Europe,” said A. Butkevičius and asked for assistance in the implementation of this crucial project.