Prime Minister Kubilius: relations with Poland are of great value to Lithuania, and we seek to foster them continuously


2011 08 31


Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius has sent a letter to Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk where he had expressed his delight at the fact that Lithuania and Poland, who are marking the twentieth anniversary of their diplomatic relations this year, have managed to achieve a lot over this relatively short period of time.
In his letter, which has been delivered to the Polish Ambassador, the Prime Minister has also noted that high attention has to be paid to mutually important and sensitive issues of ethnic minorities and communities.
The Prime Minister’s letter stressed the importance of education of ethnic minorities in their mother tongue. Kubilius said that there is hardly any other state in the world, apart from Poland, which would create as favourable conditions for the Polish children to receive education in their mother tongue as provided in Lithuania.
According to the Prime Minister, the Lithuanian citizens of Polish origin can receive an all-round education in Lithuania both in their mother tongue and in the state language, Lithuanian, in accordance with the best international practice. "Lithuania has a total of 100 schools and a branch of Poland’s Bialystok University with Polish as an instruction language, therefore education in the Polish language is ensured from nursery to university," – reads the letter to the Polish Prime Minister.
Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius has also pointed out that the Lithuanian Government has set a much lower student minimum per class at ethnic minority schools to avoid the necessity of closing Polish schools in the event of a possible decline in the number of children. Furthermore, the Prime Minister has noted that ethnic schools have enjoyed 20 per cent higher allocations in the form of a student basket compared with the Lithuanian schools, and as of 2013, teachers\` and students\` requests will be taken into account leading to a flexible evaluation of the examination results of students whose native language is other than Lithuanian.
Prime Minister Kubilius reassured Poland\`s Prime Minister Donald Tusk about Lithuania’s readiness to constructively deal with all issues of bilateral relevance in the spirit of good will and mutual trust. The Lithuanian Prime Minister hopes to meet with the Polish Prime Minister in the near future to discuss the latest developments in cooperation between the two countries.