Prime Minister: Lithuania leads the world in cyber security


2019 01 29


The Prime Minister made an opening address at the Cybertech Forum 2019 in Tel Aviv.  

The Prime Minister underlined that just five years ago, cyber security was an issue subject to a very moderate interest by Heads of States and Governments. Since then, we have witnessed that cyber tools, together with disinformation attacks, have become a challenge to national security. Thus, no country is immune to cyber-attacks.

“Cyber security is a top priority for Lithuania. We authorized the Ministry of National Defence to be the only institution responsible for policy making in the field.  Also, the National Cyber Security Centre has been transformed to a powerhouse managing all cyber incidents. There were 55 000 cyber attacks last year alone. Today, Lithuania is recognised as a worldwide leader in the field, claiming the first place in the National Cyber Security Index”, said the Prime Minister.

The Government is going beyond already made reforms. This year, a Governmental Network, detached from a public internet will be established to ensure that even in the state of contingency, key institutions will be smoothly operating and be able to deliver necessary services to the population.

The Prime Minister noted the transregional dimension of the cyber security. In cooperation with the United States, Lithuania set up a regional Cyber Security Center in Kaunas.  Together with EU Member States, Lithuania is creating a common capability to respond to cyber-attacks.

The Prime Minister took the opportunity to express appreciation of the current cooperation enjoyed with Israel.

A bilateral programme on cyber security was launched just a couple of years ago with the support from Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu. As a result, the Letter of Intent between the National Cyber Emergency Response Teams (CERT) was signed in Tel Aviv.

According to the Prime Minister, the EU has to do more to strengthen its ties with Israel. Lithuania sees Israel as an important ally and one of the leaders in cyber and IT security. And every effort will be made to enhance the current collaboration.