Prime Minister meets Spanish energy and telecommunications giants and addresses academic community at university in Madrid


2010 10 25


Having started his visit to the Kingdom of Spain on Sunday, Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius, had a working dinner with representatives of energy company Iberdrola, who expressed interest in all the major energy projects undertaken in our country, and had high regard of Lithuania's independent energy strategy. Iberdrola has already been cooperating with Lithuania in building a new unit of “Lietuvos elektrinė” in Elektrėnai.

Prime Minister A. Kubilius began his second day of the visit by meeting the world's fourth-largest Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica. The Prime Minister presented the investment opportunities in our country and pointed out that Lithuania was interested in long-term cooperation. Company representatives expressed their current interest in investment opportunities in Eastern Europe. The company is largely present in the United States, China, and Western Europe. A. Kubilius invited company representatives to come to Lithuania (their visit is expected still this year).

Later in the day, the Prime Minister visited Madrid Rey Juan Carlos University, met with the management and students, talked on Lithuania's political and economic reality, and new opportunities. The Prime Minister pictured Lithuania as a dynamic and ambitious country which has ambitions to become a regional high technology hub. He told the students about what Lithuania has gone through during the economic crisis and recalled the recent World Championships in men's basketball, where the Lithuanians, at one time 18 points behind the Spanish basketball team, managed to pull together and eventually celebrate the victory. "We love winning both as regards the economy as well as the basketball, and we are set to move forward." - said the Lithuanian leader of the Government.

Prime Minister Kubilius had previously gave lectures on Lithuania and its achievements at Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, London and Copenhagen Business Schools.