Prime Minister receives new Latvian Ambassador to Lithuania


2015 11 18


Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius met with the new Ambassador of Latvia, Einars Semanis. In the meeting, the Prime Minister greeted the Ambassador on his new appointment in Lithuania, and also on the Latvian Independence Day. The officials discussed the bilateral relations and further cooperation in the fields of economy, energy and transport. 

“Your Excellency, I wish to congratulate you on taking office as the Ambassador in Lithuania; please also accept my sincere greetings on the occasion of the Independence Day of Latvia”, said Prime Minister Butkevičius wishing our neighbours prosperity and wellbeing. 

The Head of Government shared his delight that Lithuania and Latvia are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their Independence, whilst in the year 2018 they will celebrate the centenary of the restoration of the Republics. “These dates are extremely important for our countries and for our people”, the Ambassador agreed with the Prime Minister. 

In the meeting, the first historic joint session of the Lithuanian and Latvian governments was commemorated, which took place on 18 September in Rokiškis. At the session, it was clearly noted that both countries share a close and diverse relationship. The importance of a successful practical cooperation between branches of institutions was highlighted, as well as common interests in the Baltic Sea Region, and strong partnership in the European Union (EU) and NATO. The Prime Minister said that these meetings could become a fine tradition between the neighbouring countries; this idea is also supported by the Latvian Head of Government, Laimduota Straujuma.

In the meeting, determination was expressed to continue the implementation of the Rail Baltica Project, as well as the need to encourage the integration of the Baltic States into the EU transport network, and diversify the transport flow in the North-South direction. 

The need to strengthen the energy security was emphasised, as well as the necessity to continue works in implementing the priority energy projects, including improvements of power grids, synchronization of electricity grids with the European power grid, and creation of a common regional gas market of the Baltic States. 

In the creation of the common regional gas market of the Baltic States, the aim is to effectively use the existing infrastructure, develop new connections, and strengthen the legal framework that would eliminate barriers for gas trade.