Prime Minister: the European Commission has to show leadership in preventing Ostrovets NPP electricity from getting to the EU market


2020 07 02

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Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis has sent a letter to the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen to bring to the attention of the President and of the entire European Commission the threat posed by the nuclear power plant project in Belarus to Lithuania, the Baltic region and the European Union.

The Prime Minister has pointed out in his letter that Belarus has not yet committed to nor implemented the absolute majority of the crucial safety recommendations tabled to Belarus by the European Commission and international experts, and that the European Commission should take urgent joint action at the highest political level to ensure safety of Lithuania and the EU.
‘We are at the critical point, where it is still possible to prevent negative safety, environmental, health, legal and political consequences to the Union. Now is the time to convey a strong political message to Belarus that Ostrovets NPP generated power will not get into the EU market’, reads Prime Minister’s letter.

The Prime Minister has invited the EU to enhance emergency preparedness in the Baltic Region and establish a RescEU CBRN centre in Lithuania, which would contribute to increased regional security.
According to the Prime Minister, ‘should Belarus continue commissioning the unsafe NPP, specific EU efforts will be needed to install, observe and control nuclear emergency monitoring and response systems, both in Lithuania and Belarus’.