Prime Minister visited the Sholom Aleichem ORT gymnasium school and congratulated the its community with the upcoming 11th of March


2015 03 09


On Monday, Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius visited the Vilnius Sholom Aleichem ORT gymnasium school. The Prime Minister met with the school community and saw the newly renovated gymnasium building. The Government has allocated funds to the renovation works from the State’s Capital Investment Fund.

During his visit to the school the Prime Minister congratulated the pupils and the teachers on the upcoming 11th of March. “I would like to invite people of all nationalities living in Lithuania to celebrate the birthday of our country together. I am glad that the pupils will commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Reestablishment of the Independence of Lithuania in a new building. The Government allocated over 1 million euros to renovating and equipping the building,” said the Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius.

The school opened in 1989; at first, the members of the Jewish community studied Yiddish and Hebrew languages there, as well as Jewish history and traditions in evenings, while the youth organized celebrations of Jewish holidays on Sundays. Since 1990, the school was transformed into a full-time elementary school, later – into the Vilnius Sholom Aleichem ORT secondary school.

The school used to be housed in a former nursery school, but moved to a new building, the former J. Kraševskis school, in February.

At present the school has 310 pupils. When the renovation is completed, 350 pupils will be able to study in the new building from the 1st of September. The majority of the pupils are of Jewish origin, but some Lithuanians, Russian and Polish pupils are also attending classes there.