Prime Minister: Vytautas Landsbergis will long continue as the most internationally
renowned Lithuanian


2012 10 18


Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius extends his greetings to Vytautas Landsbergis, President of the Supreme Council-Reconstituent Seimas and a Member of the European Parliament, on the solemn occasion of his 80th anniversary. The Prime Minister has pointed out that the cold war was won by the free world in part due to the leadership of Vytautas Landsbergis.

“Vytautas Landsbergis has always been and will continue as the most internationally renowned Lithuanian, who is currently promoting in the European Parliament the values cherished by Lithuania, Europe and the entire civilized world. I have had the honour to stand by Vytautas Landsbergis in political matters for 20 years now. And I always find things to learn from him and I never cease to wonder,”– said the Head of Government in his letter of congratulations.

According to the Prime Minister, we will always remember the uplifting years of Sąjūdis (Independence Movement), when the inspirational word of V. Landsbergis brought the nation together to fight for Lithuania`s freedom and democracy.

“However, we should bear in mind that the role that Mr Landsbergis has assumed in history is yet much more significant, as his activities have gone beyond the fight for our freedom. On the occasion of such a beautiful anniversary, it should be recalled that Lithuania and its Movement lead by Vytautas Landsbergis were the first to test the boundaries of Michail Gorbachev’s perestroika during the Soviet times”, states the Prime Minister.

According to the Prime Minister, “Mr Landsbergis lead Lithuania at the forefront of the dismantling of the entire Soviet empire, which eventually resulted not only in peaceful achievement of our freedom, but also in the collapse of the entire Soviet Union.”

“It provoked many other global political processes that culminated in the fall of the Berlin wall in autumn 1989. To a large extent, the wall fell because the Movement and Vytautas Landsbergis had been consistently pushing further the boundaries of perestroika since summer 1988, which finally lead to irreversible processes of the collapse of the USSR and its “social camp”, the Prime Minister states in his letter of congratulations.