Prime Minister: we aim to expedite export licences to China for Lithuanian dairy products


2015 11 25


Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius met with Li Keqiang, the Prime Minister of the People's Republic of China on Wednesday. In the meeting, mutual relations were discussed, the cooperation between countries in the China’s +16 format, as well as the trade and economic relations.

“China is a strategic partner of Lithuania in Asia. The aim of our Government is to develop and deepen the political and economic dialogue between our countries, find new opportunities for business and contact between the people”, said Prime Minister Butkevičius.
During the meeting with the Chinese Prime Minister, the Lithuanian Prime Minister raised a question of the export of Lithuanian dairy products to China. “It is very important for us to receive the certification in China for the Lithuanian dairy products as soon as possible. We are also prepared to receive your experts and initiate negotiations on the export of beef products to your country”, said the Head of Lithuanian Government.

The Chinese Prime Minister noted that he appreciates the contribution of Lithuanian Prime Minister Butkevičius to strengthening the relations between Lithuania and China, and also added that their domestic market needs a production that is safe and of good quality. “This is the type of production Lithuania produces”, said Li Keqiang.

The Head of Government Butkevičius indicated that the Lithuanian export to China grew by 16% last year, and that the bilateral trade has increased fourfold over the last few years. “Several Chinese companies started operating in Lithuania this year, therefore, we see a great potential for investment, in particular by means of One Belt One Road initiative”, said the Prime Minister.

In the transport service sector Lithuania could become a distribution centre for the flow of Chinese goods and cargo in Eastern Europe. Intermodal terminals, container transportations such as “Saulė”, “Šeštokai Express” and “Vikingas”, as well as the port of Klaipėda could be used for this purpose. The Prime Minister suggested that the Chinese business should use the existing infrastructure.

Regarding the business environment in Lithuania, the Prime Minister highlighted the international rating of the country. “The assessment performed by the World Bank indicates a positive change: Lithuania was ranked 15th on the ranking of ease of doing business”, noted the Head of Government.

In the meeting it was also noted that the visit of the Deputy Premier Gaoly Zhang last summer proves the development of cross-border relations. “We appreciate that the relations are strengthening, and we are also expecting the Chinese Minister of Agriculture in Lithuania”, stressed the Lithuanian Prime Minister, and requested to expedite the export licences to China for Lithuanian dairy and beef products.