Prime Ministers of Baltic states coordinate their actions in implementation of strategic objectives in Vilnius


2015 12 14


Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius chaired the meeting of the Primer Ministers of the Baltic Council of Ministers (BCM) on Monday, which was also attended by Latvian Prime Minister Laimduota Straujuma and Estonian Head of Government Taavi Roivas.

“Complex geopolitical situation requires that our countries remain as united as ever in order to implement strategic decisions on national defence, economic prosperity and energy independence. Therefore, we should focus on strengthening the security in the region, implementation of the Eastern Neighbourhood Policy of the European Union, integration and access of the Baltic states to the grids and markets of the European Union, and cooperation to strengthen the information security”, said Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius.

The Prime Ministers also shared views on migration challenges and emphasised that it is important to ensure the resilience of the economies of the three Baltic states against the external influence and the nuclear security in the neighbourhood. Prime Minister Butkevičius highlighted that Belarus and Russia are pursuing nuclear energy projects in our neighbourhood disregarding environmental and nuclear safety standards. It was agreed that it is necessary to raise these matters in the international arena.  The three Baltic Prime Ministers have agreed to continue joint efforts in the implementation of other regional integration projects, and to aim at the completion of synchronisation of the Baltic power networks with the grid of Continental Europe by 2025.

The Baltic Prime Ministers have agreed that the Eastern Partnership Policy should remain a priority on the European Union agenda.

“It is necessary to provide every support to Ukraine. The matter of sanctions must be clearly and directly related to full compliance with the Minsk agreements, as well as restoration of the control over Ukraine’s border to Kiev”, said the Lithuanian Prime Minister.

The Prime Ministers have welcomed successful implementation of Rail Baltica project. On 16 October 2015, the first section of Rail Baltica between the Polish border and Kaunas was opened. “We highly appreciate the political and financial support of the European Commission to this project. We jointly aim at the development of an efficient railway network, which would ensure fast and convenient service among the Baltic countries and Western Europe”, said the Lithuanian Prime Minister. 
The Head of Government has thanked the Latvian and Estonian Prime Ministers and delegations for the work during Lithuania’s presidency of the Baltic Council of Ministers.