Projects implemented with the participation of Polish and Ukrainian youth serve as basis for future plans


2019 11 07


First Deputy Chancellor of the Government Deividas Matulionis has participated in the annual meeting dedicated to assess projects financed in 2019 by the Lithuanian-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council and Lithuanian-Polish Youth Exchange Fund.

Deividas Matulionis has highlighted in his welcome speech that it is symbolic that the meeting is held in the premises of the Office of the Government, a place where approximately ten years ago the idea to establish the Lithuanian-Polish Youth Exchange Fund in Lithuania was born. The First Deputy Chancellor of the Government stressed that successful work of young people has become an incentive to broaden the activities and establish the Lithuanian-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council.

'Poland and Ukraine are important partners of Lithuania. We share long common history, while challenges of a rapidly changing world and geopolitical situation remind us how important it is to maintain and step up contacts between the nations. Immediate personal relationships break down stereotypes and encourage young people to become more self-confident, stimulate curiosity and give them enough motivation to engage in meaningful and ambitious activities. Each year project implementers and participants meet to assess the projects implemented, share their experience and learn from each other,' said Deividas Matulionis.

Team work, cooperation in looking for solutions provide an invaluable opportunity to learn and achieve the best results by common effort. In most cases projects give the first chance for the participants to get acquainted with Lithuania, thus each participant of the project becomes Lithuania's  ambassador. It is estimated that more than 10 000 young people have engaged themselves into the activities of the Council and the Fund since 2007 contributing to cultural dialogue and knowledge of history. In the view of Deividas Matulionis, ideas and projects implemented in cooperation with the Polish and Ukrainian youth will serve as basis for future plans, encourage the Fund and the Council to  adhere to new ambitious targets, help the youth to put innovative ideas into action and gain new experience.

In 2019 38 youth exchange projects were implemented (28 with Poland and 10 with Ukraine).

The annual youth exchange assessment meeting is aimed at sharing the results achieved, discussing the prospects for further cooperation and providing feedback to the organisers of funding competitions with a view of improving the youth exchange financing mechanism and preparing for the activities planned for 2020.

This year it is the first time that the meeting was organised for the participants in projects financed by the Lithuanian-Ukrainian Youth Exchange Council and Lithuanian-Polish Youth Exchange Fund.