Quarantine conditions to be tightened


2020 04 01


The Ministry of Health is tightening the conditions of the quarantine in Lithuania to stop the spread of coronavirus infection and protect the population.

As of April 4, all flights and ferries for returning passengers will be suspended, except for the Kiel-Klaipėda-Kiel ferry route. This does not apply for the supply of cargo and goods. Exception will be made to those with a permission of the Minister of Interior or an authorized official; flights of passenger planes will be allowed with a permition of the Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration.

Additional restrictions will be applied to long-distance drivers returning to Lithuania - a mandatory 14-day isolation will be required from the day of arrival in the country unless the trip is scheduled earlier. At international border crossing points, everyone will be screened by the National Public Health Center for symptoms of coronavirus infection.

Export to third countries of personal protective equipment, such as goggles, shields and masks, as well as protective clothing, disposable gloves will be prohibited because of the growing demand in the country. Exports will only be allowed by decision of the State Emergency Operations Manager. Movement of other goods is not restricted.

During the quarantine, short-term rent of premises and apartments may be prohibited by a separate decision of the municipality.
Downtime for employees of state and municipal institutions, as well as health care institutions will only be possible after all possible forms and methods have been exhausted, that is if during the quarantine remote work is not possible or an employee does not give consent to work in another position.
In order to limit the spread of infections, healthcare professionals and their staff may, if necessary, be temporarily transferred to another healthcare institution or their job functions may be temporarily changed to ensure proper organization of healthcare services.
A restriction is introduced for use of small, personal, recreational and other boats: only groups of no more than 2 individuals, except for immediate family members, are allowed.