Regular flights to Norway resume


2020 05 20


The Government has approved the Foreign Ministry’s proposal to resume scheduled flights to Norway as of 25 May. Flights will be operated to Oslo, Ålesund, Bergen, and Torp Sandefjord. Requests for the resumption of such flights have been made by airBaltic and Wizz Air.

Air connection with Frankfurt (Germany) has been resumed since 13 May. Vilnius – Riga regular daily flights (in both directions) have been relaunched since 18 May, while Vilnius – Tallinn flights will resume as of 25 May.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received requests to resume scheduled flights in other directions as well. When submitting proposals to the Government on the possibilities of resuming flights in other directions, the Ministry cooperates with the responsible Lithuanian authorities and assesses such possibilities in consideration of the epidemiological situation and the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). No other routes are currently authorised.

We recommend that those intending to travel carefully consider the risks of purchasing tickets for those flights that have not been authorised yet. We also recommend to find out in advance what requirements and restrictions apply in the countries of the intended visit. Information can be found at  

Please note that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in consideration of the coronavirus pandemic declared by the WHO, the large number of infected people in other countries, restrictions applied therein on movement and border crossing in order to control the spread of the virus, and the quarantine announced in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, still recommends postponing trips and not going abroad during the quarantine period. Travel recommendations have so far been changed only with respect to Latvia and Estonia, with which it has been agreed to lift certain travel restrictions applied during the pandemic.