Second award ceremony for spreading tolerance held at the Office of Government


2015 06 05


“25 years ago, Lithuania took the road of trust, tolerance and respect-based democratic values. I highly regard this very meaningful initiative of paying tribute to those who live in tolerant environment and are able to spread the good around them”, said Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius at the Tolerance awards ceremony, which has been held for the second time in two consecutive years. This event is organised at the initiative of the Lithuanian Jewish Community, as part of the tolerance project “Beigel shop”, as well as under the auspices of the Prime Minister.

"I am particularly pleased that this award ceremony is turning into a tradition here. I am certain that one of the essential principles of democracy is tolerance for a different ethnicity, individual and idea. Tolerance has always been one of the most important foundations for peaceful coexistence. Today it is important as never before, when our neighbours are living through the most painful moments of the testing of freedom and democracy,” Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius said at the ceremony. 

The Prime Minister noted the need for us all to take more efforts in strengthening our society to focus more on the values of humanity, tolerance for each other, all groups of society and all opinions. “It is the duty of us all to do away with anti-Semitism, xenophobia and racism in our lives. I would like to make it clear that Lithuania will stand no hatred or anti-Semitism whatsoever. Nor is there any excuse for defaulting this obligation”, said the Prime Minister.

Dr. Lara Lempertienė was recognized for her work in “passing on the Jewish cultural legacy to future generations”, Žana Skudovičienė – “for a lifelong devotion to the foster-children of the Lithuanian Jewish community’s social centre”, Monika Žąsytienė received the distinction for her work “in preserving the historical memory and the heritage of ethnic minorities”, the Jewish song-and-dance ensemble Fayerlakh were awarded “for their enduring promotion of Yiddish culture in Lithuania and abroad”, Amit Belaitė was recognized “for her social activities and initiatives in bringing together the Jewish youth”, Jaša Markas Zingeris received the award “for portraying the Jewish identity in literary works and museum exhibits”.

The Ambassador of the State of Israel Amir Maimon, members of the Government and the Lithuanian Jewish community, as well as city guests participated in the award ceremony in the Government Office.