Swedish Business Delegation’s visit to the Office of the Government


2015 10 07


On Wednesday, Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius has met with representatives of the Swedish business delegation, visiting Lithuania on the occasion of the state visit by the Swedish Royal Family – His Majesty King Carl Gustaf XVI and Queen Silvia. The visit agenda includes meetings with party leaders and business representatives, introductions to Lithuania’s business and investment environment.

“I am pleased to note that Lithuania and Sweden have markedly strengthened their cooperation in trade and investment over the recent years. As you may know, Lithuania is a growing economy. With its 3 percent growth it is one of the fastest growing states in the European Union”, said the Prime Minister, adding that despite the tense geopolitical environment, this year's GDP growth will reach 2 percent.

The Head of Government noted that the Russian embargo undoubtedly brought Lithuania’s exports down in the Eastern markets, but due to timely decisions to diversify export markets, exports to the Western countries accounted for 7 per cent growth.

On business environment in Lithuania, the Head of Government pointed out country’s international ratings. “The World Bank evaluations note positive changes – Lithuania rates 15th by freedom and ease of doing business”, said the Prime Minister.

According to the Prime Minister, the new social model is to encourage new jobs, to attract foreign experts and recover the outgoing talents. “We seek to create a socially responsible economic policy competitive in international markets and able to bring added value for the country and  well-paying jobs for the people“, said the Head of Government, noting that this aspiration is in line with the national desire to become a full-fledged OECD member. Jens Spendrup, leader of the Swedish business delegation pointed out Sweden’s support for our aspiration to join the OECD club.

Sweden is one of the leading countries in terms of number of investments in Lithuania. More than 200 Swedish capital enterprises employ about 11 thousand people and annually generate about 1.5 billion euros revenues for the national budget.