The Government approves a plan to support the people of Belarus


2020 09 02


Today, the Cabinet meeting has decided to allocate 100 scholarships for Belarusian students for studies in Lithuanian higher education institutions: EUR 100,000 from the Government Reserve for humanitarian aid, and EUR 200,000 for the European Humanities University operating in Vilnius.

The meeting has also approved proposals to simplify the procedure for issuing national visas to citizens of the Republic of Belarus when entering Lithuania through the mediation of a legal entity legally operating in the Republic of Lithuania, when traveling to the Republic of Lithuania for a long-term stay, or where those arriving are family members of a citizen of the Republic of Belarus who holds a national visa.

According to Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis, ‘the plan of assistance for the people of Belarus adopted by the Government today is an important sign of support for and solidarity with the aspirations of the people of the neighbouring country who have not been recognizing the results of illegal elections in their country for several weeks now, and hence are being severely persecuted and punished. This is the first, but certainly not the last step of support by the Government.’

The Government’s plan and the list of measures to implement it will be further completed and revised. The ministries have been tasked to submit, by 8 September, proposals for additional measures of assistance to the people of Belarus, as well as to earmark additional funds in this regard in the State budget for the next year. The exact scope of support for the people of Belarus will become clear in the coming weeks.

In order to implement the adopted decisions, the ministries were instructed with regard to visa facilitation, the simplified procedure for entering the labour market of the Republic of Lithuania for the citizens of the Republic of Belarus arriving here as well as learning opportunities for their minor children, issue of temporary residence permits in the Republic of Lithuania with a view to facilitation of the procedures for issuing temporary residence permits to highly qualified foreigners, etc.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been tasked with coordination of the implementation of the plan of assistance by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania to the people of Belarus.

The plan of assistance to the people of Belarus includes measures such as assistance to victims of repression, treatment and rehabilitation, support for science and studies, civil society initiatives, the media, high value-added businesses, legal aid and counselling, and more flexible visa procedures for those arriving in Lithuania.