The lockdown to continue until 11 May; as of next Monday, ban lifted of open-air cafes, beauty parlours, libraries and museums


2020 04 22


At the recommendation of the Ministry of Health, the Government has extended the quarantine for another two weeks, until 11 May. The second phase of quarantine easing begins next week.

The ban has been lifted as of Monday, 27 April, of hairdressers and nail parlours, outdoor cafes, libraries, museums and zoos, subject to certain requirements. There will also be a possibility of high-performance outdoor training of certain disciplines.

The wearing of facemasks in public places remains mandatory, except when eating or drinking in public catering establishments. Cafes, restaurants and bars will be able to serve visitors only outdoors, and, as before, provide takeaway food.

From next week, hairdressers and nail parlours will open the doors to customers, restricting however their flow. They are required to ensure at least 10 sq. m. of space per customer and serve no more than one customer at a time, while following the mandatory hygiene requirements.

Certain cultural, leisure, entertainment and sports facilities will also open their doors to their visitors, restricting however their flow and ensuring the mandatory hygiene requirements. Visits shall be restricted to groups of no more than two people, except where it is family members. Libraries, archives and museums will also welcome visitors from next week.

As regards outdoor leisure activities in golf and outdoor tennis courts, outdoor shooting ranges, karting tracks and water board parks, they will be required to ensure 10 sq. m. of space per person, and a distance of at least 10 m between visitors.

Educational trails (except observation towers), parks, zoos and botanical gardens located in open outdoor areas will be free to welcome visitors provided that the distance of at least 2 m between people and/or groups of people is ensured. High-performance athletic training in sports buildings and/or engineered sports facilities of the athletes who have met the requirements for the Olympic and Paralympic Games and candidates for the Olympic team, deaf athletes preparing for world or European championships will be allowed.

Starting next week, it will also be possible to organise examinations of driving skills and abilities and aviation training.

As of tomorrow, sale of seedlings, seeds and fertilizers will be allowed at marketplaces.

The lockdown is set to continue in the country from 16 March 2020, 00:00, until 11 May 2020, 24:00.

It is also relevant that, as of tomorrow, the stores will no longer be required to have an entrance from the outside, in other words, supermarkets will be opened.


To view Government Resolution No 207 declaring quarantine on the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, please click this link (Consolidated version as of 27 April 2020).

Key information on coronavirus is available at: